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University Games


Murder Mystery Party Case Files

Underwood Cellars Hints

Underwood Cellars Solutions

Fire in Adlerstein Hints

Fire in Adlerstein Solutions

Death in Antarctica Hints

Death in Antarctica Solutions


Games Solutions

1000 Places to See Before You Die

20 Questions Game
20 Questions for Kids

20 Questions for Kids Card Game
20 Questions For Kids Game
30 Second Mysteries
30 Second Mysteries For Kids
The 39 Clues: Search for the Keys Board Game

A Murder on the Grill

Anti-Monopoly Tin


A Taste for Wine and Murder

Batman Game
Battle of the Sexes
Battle of the Sexes Card Game
Beat the Experts
Big Brain Academy
Big Brain Academy - French Rules
BIONICLE: The Quest Game
Blast from the Past
Blue's Clues Big Easy Game
Blue's Clues Game
Blue's Clues Party Game Chest
Blue's Clues Party Time Game
Brain Quest 1-6
Brain Quest Add & Subtract
Brain Quest Alphabet Letter Game
Brain Quest Animal Matching

Brain Quest Find Your Friends
Brain Quest Fruit Dominoes
Brain Quest Game
Brain Quest Garden Lotto
Brain Quest I Have
Brain Quest Numbers Game
Brain Quest Scavenger Hunt
Brain Quest Silly Sentence Word Fun
Brain Quest Slam the Door
Brain Quest Smart Game
Brain Quest Smart Game Tin
Brain Quest States Card Game
Brain Quest States Game

Break Out
Brown Bear - Panda Bear, What Do You See? Game

Bubble Talk
BUGs! Card Game
Busy, Busy Builder
Can You Beat Ken?

Captain Underpants and the Rip-Roaring Race to Remain Rainless

Captain Underpants Sign Changing Game
Cat in the Hat Game
Cat in the Hat Comes Back
Celebrity Head

Charades Kids on Stage Tin
Chicken Charades
Chicks Battle the Dudes
Chicks Battle the Dudes Card Game
Conveyor Belt
Crazy 8's
Desk Top Pool Table
Dirty Words

Dog Man Attack of the Fleas
Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus Game
Dora The Explorer Big Easy Game
Dora The Explorer Card Game
Do You Sudoku Kids Game
Dr. Seuss ABC Game
Dr. Seuss Rhyme Time
Dr. Seuss Trivia Game
Dumb Ass Board Game
Dumb Ass Card Game

Dumber Than A Box of Rocks
Electronic 20Q

Evil Eye
Fact or Crap

First 100 Words Activity Game

First 100 Numbers Colors Shapes Bingo Game

Fishing for Words

Five Little Monkeys Can't Catch Me Board Game

Five Little Monkeys Can't Catch Me Card Game
Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed Card Game Tin

Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed Game
Four Real
Game of Knowledge
Go Fish
Go Fish For Letters

Go Low
Grateful Dead the Game
Green Eggs and Ham Game
Hang On Harvey
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Game

Hello Kitty Dress Up Bilingual Tin
Horton Hears a Who! Card Game

House of Boing
How The Grinch Stole Christmas
I Ate Zombies Card Game
I Have
Kakuro For Dummies Game
Kids On Stage
Kids Rule!
Lego Checkers
Lego Dominos
Ligretto Rockin' Dice
Magic Cauldron
Man Bites Dog
Man Bites Dog Card Game
Man Bites Dog Board Game
Munch Math

Murder at Mardi Gras
Murder Mystery Mansion
My First Scavenger Hunt for Kids Card Game
National Geographic Mystery Voyage
NFL Rush Zone
Non-Violent, Politically-Correct War
Old Maid
One Fish, Two Fish Card Game

Orange Toss

Pasta, Passion, and Pistols
Penguin Freeze-Tag
Perfect Ten Game
Peter Pan Game

Pillow Fight
Pub Trivia
Rainforest Frog Jam
Reel Clues

Rubik's Battle Card Game

Rubik's Cage

Rubik's Flip

Rubik's Match

Rubik's Race
Scavenger Hunt for Kids Card Tin

Scholastic Brainiac Game

Scholastic Race Across the USA Game

Scholastic USA Game Tin
Show and Tell Game
Sleeping Beauty Game
Smart A** Board Game (double dice version)

Smart A** Board Game (single die version)

Smart A** '90s Nostalgia

Smart A** Geek Chic
Smart Ass Board Game (double dice version)

Smart Ass Board Game (single die version)
Smart Ass Card Game
Smart Ass Card Tin

Smart Ass '90s Nostalgia

Smart Ass Geek Chic

Sort It Out

Spiderwick Chronicles Game

Spinner Dominoes

Spinner Dominoes Score Pad
SpongeBob SquarePants Big Easy Game
SpongeBob SquarePants Card Game
Sports Challenge For Kids
Spot the Difference Blue Solutions

Spot the Difference Green Solutions

Spot the Difference Yellow Solutions
Spot the Difference Card Game
Square Off

Stupid Deaths

Super Why ABC Bingo Tin
Tetris Link
Time Flies

Tip of the the Tongue

Totally Awesome!
Totally Gross
Totally Gross Game Tin
Travel 20 Questions for Kids
Travel Scavenger Hunt for Kids
Truth or Dare

Ultimate Pub Trivia

Ultimate Pub Trivia - answer/score sheet
Ultimate TV Trivia Game
Very Hungry Caterpillar Game
Very Hungry Caterpillar Card Game
Very Quiet Cricket Game
Villa Paletti

WTF(What the Fish!)
Where in Space is Carmen Sandiego?
Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego?
Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego? Junior Edition
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? Junior Detective Edition

Where in the World is Jefferson Sancarlos
Where's Waldo Join the Search
Where's Waldo Mixed Up Matched Up Card Game
Where's Waldo Picture Hunt Game
World War Z Card Game
Worst-Case Scenario Survival Game
Worst-Case Scenario Survival Game Jr.
Worst-Case Scenario Game of Surviving Life

Yoo Hoo, Can You Moo? Card Game

Front Porch Classics


4-in-1 Casino

4-in-1 Casino (additional online resources)

5-in-1 Wooden Game Set
Baseball Under the Lights

Boat Canasta
Bulls & Cows
Circa Baseball

Classic Lawn Darts
Crazy Like a Fox
Deer in the Headlights Board Game
Deer in the Headlights Card Game

Double Ladderball
Egyptian Rat Screw
Fish in a Barrel
Fish or Cut Bait

Guinness 20 Best Dice Games
Hold Your Horses

Indoor Cornhole
Knob & Heel Cribbage
Knuckledown Marbles

Ladderball Steel Pro
Liar's Dice

Metal Ladderball
Mexican Train Dominoes
Michigan Rummy
Outfitters Cribbage
Outfitters Mancala
Outfitters Dominoes
Outfitters Best Dice Games

Perfect Pitch Washers
Pluck the Ducks

Ship, Captain & Crew

Skittle Pool

State Fair Bingo
Shut the Box

Shut the Box 4-Way Play

Table Top Shuffleboard
Who Goosed the Moose

Buck Hunt Wooden Brainteaser Puzzle

Puzzle Logic Snake Puzzle

Puzzle Logic Star Puzzle
Reel'em In! Wooden Brainteaser Puzzle

Front Porch Classics Baseball Scoresheet

4-in-1 Casino (additional online resources)

Great Explorations

3-D Solar System
Dream Decoder Kit
Glow in the Dark Stars
Glowing Night Sky
Spooky Stories


Spinner Books

20 Questions
30 Second Mysteries
Battle of the Sexes
Blast From The Past
The Game of Knowledge


Crystal Puzzles Solutions
Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland - Deluxe


Apple (Green)
Apple (Red)


Ariel in Dress


The Beast/Prince Adam - Deluxe (All Colors)

Bird (all colors)
Buzz Lightyear
Carousel - Deluxe (Pink)
Carousel - Deluxe (Gold)

Castle - Deluxe
Castle (Black) - Deluxe
Cat and Kitten
Cat and Kitten (Black)

Cheshire Cat (All Colors)

Chip and Dale

Christmas Tree - Deluxe


Cinderella Carriage (Aqua)

Cinderella Carriage (Gold)

Cinderella Castle (All Colors)
Classic Car
Daisy Duck
Diamond (all colors)

Dog and Puppy

Dolphin - Deluxe (Blue)

Dolphin - Deluxe (Pink)
Donald Duck

Dragon (all colors)
Eiffel Tower (Gold) - Deluxe

Elephant and Baby


Gift Box (Pink Bow)
Gift Box (Red Bow)

Giraffe and Baby

Heart (Pink)
Heart (Red)
Hello Kitty (Pink)
Hello Kitty and Strawberry
Hello Kitty Lovely
Horse - Deluxe (brown)

Horse - Deluxe (white)
Lion - Deluxe
London Bus

Magic Lamp


Mickey Mouse (Blue, Deep Blue)

Mickey Mouse (Black)
Minnie Mouse (purple)

Minnie Mouse (Pink, Red)

Mickey & Minnie Mouse - Deluxe (Mickey)

Mickey & Minnie Mouse - Deluxe (Minnie)

Mickey & Minnie Mouse Heart - Deluxe (All Colors)



Panda Bear and Baby
Pearl in Shell


Penguin and Baby

Piggy Bank - Deluxe

Pirate Ship (Black) - Deluxe
Pirate Ship (Clear) - Deluxe


Polar Bear and Baby

Praying Hands

Puppy Dog


Rose (Pink)
Rose (Red)

Roses in Vase

Royal Carriage

Rubber Duck


Skull (All Colors)

Snoopy Astronaut

Snoopy Detective

Snoopy and Doghouse
Snoopy Flying Ace

Snoopy Heart

Snoopy and Woodstock

Snoopy Surf


Statue of Liberty


Swan (All Colors)
T-Rex - Deluxe (All Colors)
Teddy Bear (Brown)

Teddy Bear (Pink)

Tin Robot
Tinker Bell (All Colors)

Treasure Chest (All Colors)


Water Crown

Windmill (All Colors)
Winnie the Pooh

Wolf (Black)

Wolf (Clear)

Impossibles Solutions
14 Carrot
Bearfoot in the Park
Book Smart
Born To Be Wild
Butterfly Kisses
Car Pool
Cat and Mouse
Cow Country
Fish and Chips
Flower Child
Great Wall of China
Hook, Line, and Sinker
Hoo's On First
Lost in the Woods
Mona Lisa
Morning Buzz
Potty Training
Raining Cats and Dogs
Return To Sender
Rock-A-Bye Baby
Roses Are Red
Something Fishy
Stroke of Luck
Take a Coffee Break
Tee Time
Tick Talk
'Tis The Season
When Pigs Fly

Made in the Shade Solutions
Made in the Shade Red
Made in the Shade Blue

Map Mystery Solutions
Fountain of Youth
Lost City of Atlantis

20 Questions® for Kids Puzzle Activity
What's in a Word?™ Puzzle Activity


Blaze and the Monster Machines Axle City Adventure
Blaze and the Monster Machines Let's Blaaaze! Matching Game
Blaze and the Monster Machines Monster Dome Challenge
Bob Books Happy Hats Beginning Reading Game
Charades Kids on Stage Card Game
Crayons on the Town
Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood Bingo & Memory Match Tin
Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood Grr-ific Game

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood Welcome to Main Street Game
Fancy Nancy Card Game
Fancy Nancy Fabulous Fashionista Game
Goodnight Moon Counting Games
Goodnight Moon Game
I SPY Bingo

I SPY Dig In Game

I SPY Eagle Eye Game
I SPY Find It Fast
I SPY Go Fish
I SPY Memory Game
I SPY Preschool Game
I SPY Snap Card Game
I SPY Spooky Mansion

I SPY Travel Card Game
Kids on Stage
Let's Feed the Very Hungry Caterpillar
Monkeys Jumping on the Bed
Pete the Cat Big Lunch Card Game
Pete the Cat Groovy Buttons Game

Pete the Cat Cupcake Party Tin

Pete the Cat Missing Cupcake Game

Pete the Cat the Wheels on the Bus Game

Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Shimmer and Shine Genie Friends Forever Game

Shimmer and Shine Magical Wishes Card Game
State the Picture
Super Why ABC Letter Game
Super Why ABC Letter Game (with finger puppets)
The Very Hungry Caterpillar Spin & Seek ABC Game
The Very Hungry Caterpillar Twirl & Toss Game

The Very Hungry Caterpillar What Can You Do?
The World of Eric Carle ABC Game Tin

The World of Eric Carle Around the Farm Game


Haywire Group

:59 Seconds

Action Princesses

Animal Soup

Bear in Underwear



Bing-Oh! Quickplay

Bing-Oh! Travel


Bucket of Bacon

Bucket of Moustaches

Calafant Castle

Calafant Large Palace

Calafant Large Pirate Fortress

Calafant Pony Farm

Cat's Pajamas

Cat's Pajamas Bilingual

Cat's Pajamas Travel Tin


Claws, Jaws, Paws

DICEcapades! 2nd Edition

DICEcapades! for Kids

DICEcapades! Quickplay


Do Over

Double Six Dominoes

Flickin' Chicken

Flickin' Chicken Tournament Edition

Flip Cup


French Toast Board Game

French Toast Tin

Guinness World Records Board Game

Guinness World Records Game Tin

Ha! Ha! Moustache. Name That 'Stache

Hedgehog Hustle

Hey! Those Are My Glasses

It Fits

Jukem Basketball

Jukem Football

Jukem Soccer


Mars Needs Heroes!

Match Stix

Number Ninjas


Parent Quiz

Pirate Ships

Pizza Party

Robbin' Eggs (instructions)

Robbin' Eggs (score pad)

Rock Stars


Skribble Dash

Slow Poke

Spam Crazy 8s

Spam Dice Game

Taco Takeover

Talking Crap

Where's That Chipmunk


Word Pirates

Words Pirates Quickplay

Word Pirates Shark Attack


Zombie Run!

Not seeing the instructions you're looking for? Send us a line at with the title, item number and batch code of the game or puzzle you're looking for and we'll get back to you with more information as quickly as possible!

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