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Authorities Seek the Public’s Help in Solving Murder Mystery Party Case Files

Vichy Springs, CA, Oct. 14, 2020 – Local authorities are enlisting the public’s help today to solve the cold case murder of famed winemaker Cary Underwood of Underwood Cellars. Underwood disappeared 25 years ago, and a murder scene was uncovered after the Napa earthquake. Bob Moog, Chief Investigator of University Games said, “there are over 50 pieces of evidence waiting to be evaluated to find the killer. Someone had the means, motive and opportunity to commit this crime, and we are calling on home detectives to solve this crime.” The crime scene discovery was reported by UG Studios:

The Underwood Cellars Case File is supported with crime reports, witness and suspect interviews, newspaper articles and other evidence for investigators to evaluate to help solve the case. Investigators can also find step-by-step hints and solutions online if they get stuck at any time. Underwood Cellars is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and fine mystery game purveyors everywhere.

University Games Launched the Murder Mystery Party Games category in 1985 and two million games later is the leader in the category. Murder Mystery Party Case Files launch yet another category of mystery games - Motive, Means and Opportunity - or MMO games. MMO games put the player or players at the center of the game as detectives exploring realistic cold case evidence files.

University Games is also launching the next two games in the Murder Mystery Party Case Files series later this month with Fire in Adlerstein and Death in Antarctica. Both titles were produced in conjunction with iDventure, a German-based mystery game publisher helmed by Alexander Krys. Says Mr. Krys, “we are proud to partner with University Games to launch our Detective Stories games into the USA marketplace.”

About University Games

Founded in 1985, University Games has developed over 500 games, puzzles, and children's learning and activity sets. The company philosophy has always been to offer products that encourage fun, creativity, and imagination for kids, families and adults. The company offers a wide array of products under the University Games®, Briarpatch®, BePuzzled®, Great Explorations® and Front Porch Classics® brands.

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hound attached
hound attached
2 days ago

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Sep 29, 2023

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Finality Video
Finality Video
Sep 15, 2022

Will there be more Murder Mystery Party Case Files?

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