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I SPY Travel! Tin


I SPY Travel!​ Tin

I spy a fun time while traveling for you! This seek-and-find card game is perfect for keeping kids entertained and appreciating the scenery on the road. Children will enjoy the challenge of finding objects that match their cards outside their car.


Using the celebrated imagery from the beloved I SPY books, parents will appreciate the learning value of discovering items containing specific words or letters, having specific shapes or colors, or building literacy through an expanded vocabulary. 


I SPY combines beautiful photographs, familiar object collections and rhyming riddles to create brain teasing puzzles kids and adults can't resist. Our collection of I SPY games and puzzles reinforces these principles in a variety of fun and unique ways.


  • 48 Jumbo Cards

  • Game Instructions

Players: 1 or more

Ages: 4 and up

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