Original 3D Crystal Puzzles

Delight your mind and eyes with our Original 3D Crystal Puzzles! These three-dimensional brainteaser puzzles are enjoyable to work on, challenging to complete, and beautiful to display. They take puzzling to a whole new dimension and are recommended for puzzlers age 12 and up. There are designs to match anyone’s interests and are fun to collect. BePuzzled is the exclusive distributor of Original 3D Crystal Puzzles in the United States.

Original 3D Crystal Puzzles
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Original 3D Crystal Puzzles

31079 Polar Bear puzzle.jpg

Licensed 3D Crystal Puzzles

31089_PenguinBaby puzzlepng.png
31091_MagicLamp Puzzle.png
31086_Turtles puzzle.png

Minnie Mouse 2

31067 Olaf concept.jpg
31064 Genie puzzle.jpg
31066 Toy Story Aliens puzzles.jpg