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A Broken Bottle and a Bottle Neck with a Cork Still in It – Imagine you are facing someone you know well. Arguing, as you often do. Again. Your anger comes like a trigger. Cary has grabbed an unopened bottle of fine wine, grasping the middle of the bottle with his strong hand, and is holding it out toward you, not as a gesture of friendship but as a peace offering. This is how he douses every argument, with wine, with his “let’s have a drink and forget our differences” nonchalance. But this time your anger does not subside, and in an inexplicable instance of rage, you snap, you explode, you grab the bottle by the neck with your thumb downward, wrenching it from his hand, as his fingers (and fingerprints) slide down the bottle. Now it is no longer a bottle, but a club. You swing it at him with such force that the bottle breaks and he slumps to the floor. You’re left holding the broken neck (of the bottle, not the man) with the cork still in it. Don’t forget to wipe the fingerprints off.

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