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The Two Cars and the Walker—The kindly Mrs. Lindquist told us about the two cars late in the evening in the Underwood Cellars parking lot and the unusual sight of a pedestrian. This information is anything but pedestrian. Cary and someone unknown to us (but known to him) are meeting in the hidden underground cellar. Their cars are parked out front. After the unfortunate murder, the perpetrator can easily leave the body where it is—but not the car! So he (or she) drives the car to the nearby Vichy Lake and pushes it down the banks and into the water. She (or he) doesn’t even have to weigh the thing down; it sinks out of sight. Then this person walks back to the parking lot—it’s only just over half a mile—gets into their car and drives home. Fits Mrs. Lindquist’s story perfectly.

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