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He was the troubled-youth-turned-successful businessman whom you wanted to find guilty. Some of us just don’t like him—but that doesn’t mean he’s guilty of killing his own brother. First of all, the two brothers didn’t “hang out” together, so we have no reason to think David would have gone down into Cary’s private underground cellar. Secondly, David got diddly squat from his brother’s will: the will said the Underwood Cellars building and the grounds beneath it would go to David, but they already belonged to him according to their father’s will. And thirdly, you might remember that the FBI Report on David listed him as left-handed, and we know from the Medical Examiner’s Report that Cary, facing his assailant, had been hit on the left side of the temple by a high-impact blow that would have come from the assailant’s right hand.


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