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Amanda Perkins

Maybe a mentor but definitely not a friend. She was resentful of Meghan’s successful career and lifestyle. But taking her boyfriend was only part of the plan!


After graduating from the University of Warwick with a degree in Biochemistry, she pursued an opportunity to travel to the US and attend Washington University in St Louis, Mo USA, where she received a graduate degree in Neuroscience, with an offer to go back to London to teach at King’s College upon completion.

Coming from an academic family, this career path seemed imminent. Her father, Gerald Perkins, was a decorated Medical Officer in the Royal Navy, and now has his own successful private practice. Chelsey, her mother, is a Professor of Law at the London School of Economics.

But this taste of independence and exposure to the many pleasures the world has to offer, started her down the road of self-indulgence and recklessness, which would ultimately derail her ambitions for further academic or professional success.

As part of an academic research team while at Washington University that worked with Biopharm, she was able to help Meghan get a position there after graduating.

*She was slowly poisoning her through the kumquats she would give to Dirk to give to her. With easy access to them on campus, she was lacing them with antifreeze (ethylene glycol) she got at Dirk’s, since he had it readily available for his own auto and other restoration projects.

The sweet and sour taste of the kumquats easily masked the slightly sweet taste of the ethylene glycol.

But only trace amounts were found in Meghan, and not enough to kill her.

Not Guilty

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