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Lonnie Killian

One fit gentleman who was in the penthouse offices all morning had no fear of heights, and had plenty of time to reach Dan Killian on the roof. That was brother Lonnie. Only 2% of all murders are fratricides. But enough brothers must have done it to reach that 2% figure. Lonnie Killian hit the roof when police suggested he might have had something to do with the murder. Though maybe “hit the roof” is not the best term to use here. Do you think Lonnie Killian would kill off his brother Dan just so he, Lonnie, could gain control of the entire company? I don’t think so. In spite of their disagreements, each contributed quite a bit to the business, from ideas to the mundane legwork and unappreciated paperwork, to the actual handling of the business. Lonnie stood to gain more with his brother alive, as a partner, since Dan was responsible for so much of the business’ activities. There’s just not enough of a motive here, folks.

Not Guilty

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