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Helmut Gunther

I can think of someone who would be able to physically lift the executive and plunge him over the railing. Helmut Gunther. Now there’s a good-sized man—one with a bad temper and a criminal record to boot. He could have easily accomplished the job. The police looked closely at the elevator schedule with respect to him, and found that from the time that he pushed the basement button for the elevator, he could reach the penthouse and then get to the roof in time to have killed Dan Killian—if the elevator were on the ground floor when he pressed that button. But it wasn’t; the elevator was last used by Lonnie Killian, returning at 12:50 from getting the mail on the ground floor. That means that when Mr. Gunther pushed the button at 12:51, the elevator was still going up to the penthouse, and only when reaching there and discharging its passenger would it head back down to the basement. The extended time from when Helmut Gunter pressed the elevator button to when the elevator arrived to take him to the penthouse, meant the large man would have arrived at the top floor too late to run his overweight body up to the roof and kill Dan Killian by one o’clock.

Not Guilty

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