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Meoldy David

Melody David had both the motive and opportunity to murder Dan Killian. She was in the penthouse before the time of the murder, and was said to be enraged upon hearing early that morning that Dan, a man she imagined might lead her to the altar one day, had married Francesca. Rage—that emotion tied so closely to revenge, a strong motive. But what about the means to murder? Think about the crime: Dan Killian is on the roof, overlooking the fine Seattle panorama. Hands on the railing, feet firmly planted. Suddenly he is lifted up by his ankles from behind—note the scuff mark in one direction—and he instinctively tightens his grip on the railing while his body reacts to the assault. You saw the marks on his hand. Caught off-guard, his body is flipped over the railing. Now think of Melody, a diminutive 5’2”. Do you really think she has the stature and strength to grab the muscular 5’8” executive, lift him up and flip him over a chest-high railing? I don’t think so.

Not Guilty

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