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Warning – Reading on may contain spoilers if you have not yet solved the murder.

NOTE: Rule 6 states, “For the purposes of this contest, cheating is a) violating any of these rules, b) taking action that hinders other contestants competing in a challenge, or c) committing a felony-class offense at any time before the prize is awarded.” As Mike has not a) violated any rules, b) hindered other contestants, or c) committed a felony, he would NOT be disqualified for cheating.

Even More about Mike:
Look closely at the photo of Mike screaming at the water’s edge during his fight on the Louisiana Bayou. He clearly has a tattoo on his right arm matching his business logo (as seen on the back of the business card in the luggage tag). However, every other picture of Mike shows him without a tattoo, including the selfie taken with Glenn in the bar at the time of the murder. And the Show Guide states Mike has a twin brother Mark, who must be the one with tattoo.

This was Mike’s secret: he would start the race and quickly try to lose the cameras. His twin, Mark, who had positioned himself near the finish, would be the one to finish the race. It should no longer be surprising that they came in first place in every race but the last one! If Mark hadn’t been drunk, gotten in a fight, and ripped his shirt, their secret might have never come to light!

Why Mike would be disqualified:
According to Rule 5, “If Contestant fails to complete a challenge within four hours, they are considered to have the worst time for the challenge and are both disqualified and eliminated.” Mike started the Black Bayou challenge and quickly lost the cameras, leaving Mark to finish the race as planned. As it was his brother at the finish line (as shown by his tattoo), Mike would be disqualified for failing to complete the Louisiana Bayou challenge within four hours.

Would Contestant Be Disqualified? Yes

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