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Jessica Whitney

No, I didn’t kill Justin. Look. I’ve got the running app to prove I was nowhere near the hotel… What? Oh. Well, I knew there was a risk. And you found the one flaw in my otherwise perfect plan. Since you’ve figured it out, I might as well cooperate. That’ll meet reduce my sentence, if it comes down to that.

Yes, I killed Justin. He’s a selfish slime who treats people like they exist only for his pleasure. That’s not why I killed him, but it made it easier. It’s simple: I wanted the prize money. Here’s how it played out. When I got eliminated – and I was kidnapped! – I knew either Justin, Mike, or Maud had to be the saboteur. You saw my notes while I worked it out last night. I made sure not to leave the note in my room, but it was foolish of me to have thrown it away in the hotel where it could be found.

I considered Bryce, Ray, and Glenn, just to be thorough, but it didn’t make sense it was one of them. Now Mike, he was a little too good, always coming in first. Last night, the photo of Mike losing his cool was being passed around. When I saw it, everything made sense. The Mike in the picture had a tattoo! And that’s how Mike was winning! He always managed to lose the cameras so his twin could steal the win every time. Every time accept the last time. The last piece was when I heard that Justin’s hydrofoil had been sabotaged. That left Maud as the saboteur. Which meant, if Justin failed to show for the final episode, Mike would be next in line for the prize. But he would be disqualified for never actually completing a challenge since it was his twin at the finish line. That would give the prize to Maud. And since she was the saboteur, she would be disqualified as well. Leaving me with the money.

I scrambled to come up with a way to kill Justin last night. And then it came to me. He was giving his room keys to everyone. I said I threw the key he gave me away but I kept it. When I saw him leave the bar to go up to his room at 11:00, I made my decision. Yeah, I lied when I said I left the bar before Justin at 10:45. That’s when I paid my bill and gave the bartender a big tip so he’d remember when I closed out my bill but not when I actually left. Who would remember a detail like that?

Ready in my running gear, I hailed a cab in front of the hotel. I started the running app and hid my phone on the floor of the backseat of the cab. I told the driver I needed to go back to my room and that I wouldn’t need him. As he drove off with my phone, I entered the hotel through the side entrance and ran up the stairs to get to Justin’s room. I let myself in with the key he gave me. He was already in the tub and seemed happy to see me. I played along, telling him to stay in the tub until I got close enough to pull out the taser. I shot him with a second cartridge and then held him under the water just to be sure he was good and dead. Then I called my phone as I ran down the stairs. The cab pulled over and found my phone. I told him I’d give him $100 bucks if he brought it back to me a few blocks away from the hotel just in case anyone saw me waiting for the cab. I got the phone and spent the next hour slowly walking through the city to get my average time to a realistic number.

It's not fair when cheaters win.

You tell Jessica you agree, that it’s not fair that cheaters win, which is why Glenn Lynch is the winner of the $1 million dollar prize. You give Glenn the news and she laughs. When she finally regains her composure, she calls out:

Jessica, I hear you’re in need of a lawyer for the murder of my ex-husband. I would just love to take your case. Pro bono.

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