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Nima Shahmalekpur Meditates on Murder - by Fluffy Domingo

Awaiting trial for the murder of Sven Larsgaard, Nima Shahmalekper undergoes house arrest within the comforts of his Hollywood home. When he was initially arrested and asked if he was responsible for Sven Larsgaard’s death, the actor famously asked the Hollywood Police Department to re-define their definition of “murder.” This caused a media frenzy which the actor is still reeling from. “Did I end a man’s life with intention and without consent?” he reflected. ”Well, probably. But did I commit a murder? Absolutely not.”
A looming trial, however, hasn’t dampened the spirits of this talented actor. “It has been a very difficult time,” Nima tells me. “But, like anything, I see the murder trial as a potential learning experience.” He pours me a generous cup of coffee, staring out the window in calm repose. “I usually drink coffee with lemon ricotta pancakes. Would you like to split some?” I remark that his continued love for lemon ricotta pancakes is admirable, particularly since the pancakes were one of the ways a freelancer assisting the Hollywood Police Department discovered a potential hole in his alibi.
“I don’t hold anything against anyone.” Nima continues. “I have great admiration for the detective that solved the case. As my agent has reminded directors from Scorsese to Kiarostami, this experience only enriches my understanding of how characters overcome obstacles.”
During his house arrest, Nima has sold a documentary version of his story directly to a streaming service for several thousand dollars. A fictionalized version has swiftly been adapted for the screen in the few weeks since his trial. Shooting is planned for later this year, and a number of acclaimed independent darlings have been rumored to direct. His forthcoming memoir, entitled Nima Shahmalekpur: Meditations on Murder, was sold to Random House for a reported three million dollar advance. In general, the publicity generated by the trial has brought Nima broader international attention. He hopes the murder trial will allow him access to more unusual roles, which seems likely considering the current media buzz.

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