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Nima Shamalekpur

At first glance, it may seem like Nima didn’t have an opportunity to kill Sven. A receipt and a filled out crossword puzzle indicate that he was at the diner eating his usual lemon ricotta pancakes at the time of the murder. A closer look, however, suggests that Nima may have hired a trusted stand-in to pose for him at the diner. If you call the phone number scrawled on the pink post-it, you receive Tom’s answering machine. The message suggests Tom also covers appearances for Nima, and Nima’s emails to his agent underscore that Tom is a trusted source of support. These emails also indicate that Nima is familiar with Securatech, the security operating system at Sven Larsgaard’s studios.
But what motive could Nima possibly have? Arguably, Nima’s motive is pure of heart. After learning about Sven’s chronic illness from Sven and utterly deranged after the rejected requests for his father’s assisted euthanasia, Nima takes matters into his own hands. Nima operates under an understanding that Sven needs “relief”- he just doesn’t know it himself. He asks his friend and double Tom, who isn’t the smartest guy, to pose for him at the diner and fill out the usual crossword. Aware of Sven’s plans to perform a prank suicide, Nima hid in the dressing room, and waited as Sven and Rita set up the prank. His ability to reprogram the Securatech automatic locks allows him to prevent a potential interruption. Exiting through the window, he goes down the fire escape and leaves quietly after injecting Sven with cyanide, which he had access to via his passion for insect collecting. (The compound potassium cyanide has the formula KCN, used by entomologists as a killing agent in collecting jars.) On his way away from the studio, he’s spotted by a passing ambulance driver/actor.


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