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Jacqueline Henri

Marisa Hightower and Jacqueline Henri probably crossed paths many times, but there is little to suggest they had any relationship beyond “Hello. How are you? Nice to see you.” Sure, Marisa Hightower had a tattoo of a castle drawn to represent Saundersfoot Castle on the back of her neck, and Jacqueline Henri, by her own admission, had imprinted many tattoos of castles on people’s epidermis in her younger days (remember, she was around 54 in 2020); but that doesn’t mean Ms. Henri did Ms. Hightower’s tattoo. And even if she did, so what? How well do you know your tattoo artist? We keep looking for something more – we wantthere to be some strong connection between the two successful women. But it just isn’t there. No, sorry, Jacqueline Henri did not kill Marisa Hightower.

Verdict: Not Guilty

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