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Jamie Bledwell

If Jamie Bledwell seemed vague or forgetful during his questioning by the Department of Justice representative, then maybe he had something to hide. Or maybe he is just vague and forgetful. Mr. Bledwell is the only person who gains directly from Marisa Hightower’s death, the only person mentioned in her will. He receives “the contents of her gallery.” Is that enough to kill for? Not really. According to Amy Ming, Ms. Hightower’s financial advisor, the deceased didn’t have much, and Hightower herself admitted to the San Francisco Times that she made “photography, posters and prints of paintings available at low cost to a mostly local clientele,” and that, as a painter, “she was not as successful as she might have wished.” Hence, her bequest to Jamie Bledwell was more of a gesture than a gift of any financial value. Simply his being mentioned in the will is not enough to point the finger of guilt at him.

Verdict: Not Guilty

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