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Keri Hari

Keri Hari laughs when you tell her you have identified her as the murderer. “Are you kidding? I mean, I’m not sorry he’s dead. He was a chauvinist and apparently cheated me in my contract. But really, me kill him? Look, my installation was on the opposite wall to the sculpture. How would I have pushed him into the spike through a wall? Anyway, I wasn’t even here at the time of the murder, and I can prove it. My lattes supplies were delivered at 3pm, but Augustus screwed up. He didn’t order the right milk. He got Happy Farms. I know that doesn’t sound like a big deal, but I’m selling lattes for $1000, and my whole spiel is about how I use a special milk. Over Hill Farms is a single origin milk. It’s not like every corner grocer carries it. When I found out it was the wrong milk, I immediately hired a car to drive all the way out to the farm in Lawrenceville, New Jersey. It’s over 60 miles. The fare almost maxed out my credit card. There’s no way I could have been here for Augustus’ murder and driven to the farm and back. As it is, I barely made it back in time for the opening.”

Not Guilty

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