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Players: 2 or more

Ages: 8 and up

Game Rules


The In-Your-Face Race!

It's fun that bridges the generation gap! From kids to grandparents and everyone in between, SHABOOM! brings the whole family together for an exciting night of gaming. Use the colorful components in your tray to stack, roll, bounce, and spell your way to victory. All you have to do is be the first to complete ten tasks to win the game. SHABOOM! is a box full of excitement that has everyone calling for “One more game!” Stack it, roll it, toss it, SHABOOM!


  • 4 player trays

  • 1 game bowl

  • 100 event cards

  • 4 red six-sided dice

  • 4 blue six-sided dice

  • 4 yellow six-sided dice

  • 4 green six-sided dice

  • 4 blue eight-sided dice

  • 8 dominoes

  • 16 small white cubes

  • 4 white checkers

  • 4 red checkers

  • 20 colored tiddlywinks with the letters R-E-A-C-T

  • 4 red pawns

  • 4 green pawns

  • 4 blue pawns

  • rules

  • That's a lot of stuff, guys!

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