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Doodletop Stencil Kits - Sea Life


Doodletop Stencil Kit - Sea Life


Doodletop is the top that draws! Create colorful, beautiful images with the Doodletop Squiggly Stencil Kit. Use different colored pens to create a crazy, rainbow squiggly picture. Each picture will be a unique work of art. Place a piece of paper and a stencil into the design tray and start spinning. Pick up the design tray and slowly tilt it to direct where the Doodletop spins. Amaze yourself, friends, and family with what you create. The eight sea life stencils can be used over and over again to create a menagerie of creatures at home or away – without water!

Ages 5+


  • 1 Doodletop

  • 8 Reusable Stencils

  • 5 Interchangeable Pens

  • 10 Sheets of Design Paper

  • 1 Design Tray (Box Bottom)

  • Instructions

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