Scholastic - Race Across the USA

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Race Across the USA gameschool9
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Players: 2 to 4

Ages: 8 and up


  • Game Board

  • 220 Question Cards

  • 50 State Cards

  • 4 score cards

  • 4 Airplane Pawns

  • 1 Die

  • Instructions

The Scholastic Race Across the USA Game

Have fun learning about the states!

In The RACE ACROSS THE USA Game, players race across the USA to be the first to visit six states, answer geography questions, then get back to their home states to win the game! Players can use the game board for clues to answer questions and win state cards. Questions are geared to each player’s own grade level, so kids 8 and up from different grades can play together on an even field.

University Games is proud to be partnering with Scholastic Inc. for their first line of proprietary games. Challenges from their workbooks come to life in fun and engaging game play!


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Please review instructions before playing. A few key instructions were misinterpreted in this video. Thanks for playing our game, Mike & Holly!


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