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University Games Announces Grand Opening of Best-in-Class Virtual Showroom

San Francisco, CA, February 22, 2020 -- University Games is inviting all retailers (large and small) to visit its 2021 Toy Fair Virtual Showroom, which opened on Monday, February 15. The Showroom features more than 70 new games and toys as well as every current item that University Games markets.

The Innovative Showroom

“I’ve never seen such excitement – the Showroom is getting more raves than the games,” proclaimed University Games’ Senior Vice President of Sales, Greg Waples. “In my entire career I can’t remember seeing such a positive response to a sales presentation.”

The showroom is organized for custom tours so that each presentation can be tailored to the retailer, giving them the flexibility to focus on the areas where they want to build their business.

Anneka Quellhorst, designer of the showroom and University Games veteran, explained it in more detail. “We have tried to recreate and improve on the experience one has at a typical trade show. By eliminating the trade show noise, our TV commercials and online videos can be heard and seen without distraction. By customizing each presentation, retailers can focus on areas of the showroom that best match their business, while allowing the opportunity to discover something new. We have also hidden some ‘Easter eggs’ throughout the showroom that we couldn’t have replicated at a physical trade show.”

The New Acquisitions

In the past twelve months, University Games has acquired Maranda Games and Lagoon Games. These new lines are featured for the first time both in the 2021 catalog and in the virtual showroom. President and Co-founder Bob Moog stated, “we are a new company now with outdoor games from Maranda and dozens of great gift items from Lagoon. We won’t disappoint our long-time customers, and we offer a fresh face to those who are not currently supplying University Games in their stores.”

How to See the Amazing Virtual Showroom

The showroom is available to browse by appointment now through March 31. Retailers may contact their sales agent or University Games’ Specialty Sales Manager Kaitlin Incze,, to schedule an appointment.



University Games was founded by Cris Lehman and Bob Moog on April 1,1985. The company is active in more than 60 countries developing, marketing and distributing board games, puzzles and preschool activities under the University Games, Briarpatch, BePuzzled, Great Explorations and Front Porch Classics brands.

For more information on University Games or the UG virtual Showroom, please contact Anneka Quellhorst at (415-934-3712)

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