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University Games Brings Lagoon Games across the Pond to the USA

University Games has purchased The Lagoon Group, a UK leader in gifts, games, puzzles and books, from Asmodee.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, Oct. 1, 2020 -- University Games finalized its purchase of The Lagoon Group from Asmodee. This acquisition is the 14th for University Games and its third in the UK since May 2019.

“I have admired Lagoon Games and its product line since first meeting Lagoon’s founder Simon Meluish in the 1990s on a trip to Chiang Mai, Thailand,” said University Games President and Co-Founder, Bob Moog. He continued, “We plan to keep Lagoon Games true to its British roots while sharing these very special gifts, games, puzzles and books with people around the world.”

“Everyone at University Games is thrilled with the addition of Lagoon Games,” said Greg Waples, Head of Sales for North America. “Lagoon has been at the top of my wish list since I first heard about it. Their wonderfully packaged, design-led games and gifts fit perfectly with our mission of trend-forward, popular-culture games and puzzles.”

University Games plans to start shipping selected Lagoon products to retailers on October 1, 2020 in the US and Canada.

ABOUT UNIVERSITY GAMES University Games was founded by Cris Lehman and Bob Moog on April 1,1985. The company is active in more than 60 countries developing, marketing and distributing board games, puzzles and preschool activities under the University Games, Briarpatch, BePuzzled, Great Explorations and Front Porch Classics brands.


Lagoon was founded in 1988 and has been a part of the UK book, game, gift and puzzle market since its very beginning. The company has 175 different lines and specializes in supplying gift shops, bookstores and garden centers.

For More Information

Contact: Kate Dole

Phone: 415-934-3705


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