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Mexican Train Dominoes - Front Porch Classics Edition


Mexican Train Dominoes

Front Porch Classics Edition

Front Porch Classics brings you Mexican Train Dominoes in a beautiful set that looks great on display in your game room. Sometimes referred to simply as ''Trains,'' Mexican Train Dominoes is a popular game where participants work to play the dominoes in their hand onto one or more chains (or trains) emanating from a central hub station. This elegant set comes in a felt-lined solid wood box with a sliding top, and includes 8 cast metal trains and a set of double-12 color-dot dominoes, plus a solid wood station with starting points for 8 trains of dominoes. Also included are detailed instructions and a score pad. This game is popular with domino fans and makes a wonderful gift. 


  • Wood Storage Box

  • 1 Wood Train Station

  • 8 Cast Metal Train Tokens

  • Set of Double Twelve Dominoes (91 dominoes in total)

  • Score Pad

Players: 2 to 8

Ages: 8 and up

Game Rules

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