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Mexican Train Dominoes


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Mexican Train Dominoes

Double 12 Color-Coded Dominoes

with Jumbo-Sized Dots

Puremco's Mexican Train is the most popular domino game played today! Each participant can play their train of dominoes from the center or on the group's common line, called The Mexican Train. The goal is to be the first player to play all one's tiles. Unexpected twists during game play will start and block the trains, making the game exciting and fun!

Mexican train brings together just the right mix of simplicity and intrigue to any get-together. Everyone can learn in just minutes!

Puremco's Professional-Size Dominoes are large, with brightly colored dots that are uniform in size and easy to see. The dominoes stand alone, keeping hands free for refreshments and fun.

Players: 1 to 8

Ages: 6 and up

Game Rules


  • 91 Double 12 Dominoes

  • Domino Centerpiece

  • 8 Multi-Colored Train Markers

  • Bonus Electronic Choo Choo Train Whistle Key Chain (requires 3 LR44 batteries, included)

  • Rules for 4 Games

Thanks to @TheGameBoyGeeks for producing this great tutorial video!

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