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Box of Rocks

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01466_380-Box of Rocks Lifestyle

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Box of Rocks

Trivia Race

Are you dumber than a box of rocks? Box of Rocks is a quick play trivia race. The answer to every question is 0, 1, or 2. Draw a card, pick a category, shake the box, and open the top to see how the Rocks have answered. Do you have the correct answer, or are you dumber than a Box of Rocks? Try it and know shame. 

  • Produced by Haywire Group Inc.


  • 100 Cards with 300 Questions

  • 3 Fake Rocks (2 Numbered, 1 Blank)

  • Wooden Human Player Pawn

  • Rules Card

  • Score Card

  • Possible Humiliation

Players: 2 or More

Ages: 12 and up

Game Rules

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