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Guinness Games: Epic Coaster Games

Guinness Epic Coaster Game
Guinness Coasters

Guinness Games:

Epic Coaster Games

Lovely day for a Guinness!

Imagine your favorite Guinness posters. Then, imagine them in action playing some of your favorite pub games! 40 actual Guinness coasters, bearing more than 100 years of Guinness artwork, allow fans to celebrate their favorite stout in the most appropriate manner possible. Our instruction booklet contains rules for 12 different games – you can also make up your own! After all, good things come to those who wait. 


  • 40 Guinness Coasters

  • Instructions for 12 different games

Players: 2 to 4

Ages: 21 and up

Enjoy these games:

  • Free Throw

  • Coaster Catch

  • Head Balancing

  • Tight Squeeze

  • Relay Rally

  • Boss Toss

  • Kangaroo Hug

  • On the Money

  • Waiter Run

  • Long Toss

  • Picture This

  • Pyramid

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