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Flick A' Round Ghost Town


Flick A' Round Ghost Town

A complete table top game

(in a small round package)

North Tarrytown hides a ghastly secret: its population is being overrun by restless ghosts. It's a good thing you can call Daz Dolowitz, Ghost Hunter! It's one versus all as the Ghost Hunter battles all the other players controlling the green ghouls. Flick your wooden pans from haunt to haunt in an attempt to either free the captured ghouls or save the human citizens from the spirit world. Either side can prevail and win the game. 

With our Flick A' Round games, no big box or game board required. Engage in thrilling adventures without ever leaving the kitchen table. Destiny is yours...all you have to do is Flick A'Round!

  • Features high quality wooden pieces

  • Produced by The Haywire Group, Inc.


  • 3 Wooden Ghost Hunter Pawns (1 hero, 1 dog, 1 truck)

  • 6 Wooden Ghost Pawns

  • 12 Large Action Cards

  • 12 Small Action Tokens

  • 4 Blank Cards for Customizable Play

  • Rules

Players: 2 to 4

Ages: 8 and up

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