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Railroad Rivals

Railroad Rivals

The fast play tile drafting game.


8 and Up


1 to 5

Railroad Rivals is a fast-play tile drafting and laying game, where you build a Railroad Empire that stretches across America... and across your table.
While playing Railroad Rivals, you connect cities via one of the twelve great railroads that stretched across America, while simultaneously building your stock portfolio. You’ll then use those railroads to make deliveries to drive up the price of your stocks. At the end of the game, the player that has run the most profitable railroad while also owning the most valuable stocks will become the greatest of all of the Railroad Rivals!
Each turn you will draft one new city tile, and one new railroad stock tile. You will then lay one of your city tiles next to a city tile that is already on the table so that you create a link between the two cities. The matching edges must both have the same railroad on them.
Each newly laid city gets one or more randomly drawn colored cubes placed on it that represent the goods that can be delivered from that city. After all players have laid their city tile, you will deliver one goods cube using one of that city’s railroad links. This gives you points, and raises the value of that railroad stock.
At the end of the game, your score will be the total of all of the points that you received from deliveries, other players using your railroad links, and the value of all of your railroad stocks.

What's Inside?

Scoring Track / Stock Value Board, 20 Locomotives, 37 City Tiles, 48 Stock Tiles, 26 Goods Cubes, 12 Railroad Stock Value Markers, 1 Goods Bag, 5 Character Cards, Instructions

Railroad Rivals

How's It Played?

Printable Instructions
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