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Drunk Ass

Drunk Ass

The Classic Trivia Game!


21 and Up


2 or More

The more you drink, the better you play! HEE-HAW! Try Drunk Ass, the classic trivia game that will keep you laughing and drinking all night long. Drunk Ass tests your wits before, during, and after you chug your favorite beverage. All you need to play is a glass, some liquids, and a few friends. Players (or teams) compete in these six party-enhancing categories: Drunk Ass Quotes, Drunk Ass Drinks, Drunk Ass Sobriety Test, Drunk Ass Trivia, Drunk Ass Jokes, Drunk Ass Luck. You don’t have to be sober to win… but it helps!

What's Inside?

220 Drunk Ass Questions, Scoreboard, Crayon, Die, Instructions

Drunk Ass

How's It Played?

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