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Double Ladder Ball

Double Ladder Ball

An American original.


8 and Up


2 or More

University Games Double Ladderball is a metal ladder ball toss set made from premium materials to provide the best overall experience. Weighted legs give the ladders a wider stance, making them the perfect game for any location, whether that is the beach, park or tailgating. The metal construction is durable and all-weather, no rust or cracking plastics. The frame and rungs are made from powder coated steel for maximum durability. The bolas are soft rubber allowing for indoor or outdoor use, and are connected using thick nylon string to prevent tangles. Everything can be conveniently stowed in the included zipper carrying case for maximum portability. Double Ladder Ball provides the players with the best possible ladder toss game experience.

What's Inside?

2 Ladder Ball Stands, 6 Bolas, Instructions

Double Ladder Ball

How's It Played?

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