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Mexican Train Deluxe Traditional Set

Mexican Train Deluxe Traditional Set

Traditional Dominoes with Dots


6 and Up


1 to 8

Mexican Train and Chickenfoot are great for the whole family. The goal is to finish first, and force the other players' remaining dominoes to be scored against them. Lowest score wins. Begin or end games by pressing the button on the centerpiece. You can choose either the "barnyard Rooster Crowing" or the old-fashioned "Train Whistle, Chugging, Clickity-Clacking and Railroad Crossing Bells" when you play. Use the 9 Train Markers to start the Mexican Train and to mark players' dominoes whose trains are blocked.

What's Inside?

91 Professional, Double-12 Dominoes With Large Colored Dots, Electronic Dual-Sound Centerpiece for Mexican Dominoes and Chickenfoot, 9 Train Markers, 50-Page Dual-Use Scorepad for Mexican Train and Chickenfoot, Rules for 4 Games

Mexican Train Deluxe Traditional Set

How's It Played?

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