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Double 12 Mexican Train Dominoes

Double 12 Mexican Train Dominoes

The Mexican Train Set!


8 and Up


2 or More

Play Mexican Train and other challenging games with Double 12 Dominoes! One of the fastest growing domino games, Mexican Train combines elements of strategy and chance as players work to play dominoes onto one or more trains starting at the central hub. This Double 12 set comes neatly packed in a sturdy tin case for easy storage when at home or on the go, and includes several other challenging and fun games including Moon, Muggins, Castle Rock, and many others. It's the perfect fit for family game nights, traveling, sleepovers, gatherings, parties, and any time you want a game that's both engaging and fun.

What's Inside?

Set of Double 12 Dominoes

Double 12 Mexican Train Dominoes

How's It Played?

Printable Instructions
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