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Double 9 Chickenfoot Dominoes

Double 9 Chickenfoot Dominoes

The Chickenfoot® Set!


8 and Up


2 or More

Play Chickenfoot and other family friendly games with Double 9 Dominoes! This family favorite will have everyone, young and old, crowing to play again and again. Players lay down dominoes forming 3-pronged "chicken feet", making for fun and unpredictable patterns. This Double 9 set comes with a colorful and compact reusable tin case for easy storage and great on-the-go fun, as well as rules for other family favorites such as Muggins, 42, Moon, and Castle Rock. Build your Classic Games library with this high quality, carefully crafted game of Double 9 Dominoes.

What's Inside?

Set of Double 9 Dominoes

Double 9 Chickenfoot Dominoes

How's It Played?

Printable Instructions
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