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State Fair Bingo

State Fair Bingo

A Carnival Classic Brought Home


8 and Up


2 to 8

Bingo has come a long way since the early 1930s when numbered discs were pulled from a cigar box and players marked their cards with beans. This high-quality Bingo set features a classic metal ball-spinner, wooden Bingo balls, a solid wood bingo board and nostalgic shutter Bingo cards. Whether you are playing for fun or for prizes, State Fair Bingo is sure to provide hours of edge-of-your-seat entertainment.

What's Inside?

1 Traditional Spinner Cage, 77 Wooden Bingo Balls, 1 Wooden Marker Board , 8 Classic Shutter Sheets, 1 Cotton Bag, Instructions

State Fair Bingo

How's It Played?

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