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The World of Eric Carle ABC Game

The World of Eric Carle ABC Game

DO You know your ABCs?


3 and Up


2 to 4

In the ABC Game, players spin the spinner and search for letter cards that match their space. The letters and corresponding image cards are inspired by The World of Eric Carle. The game introduces children to the alphabet by teaching them the difference between upper and lowercase letters. Counting skills are reinforced as players move around the board. Creativity and curiosity are two key building blocks for a lifetime of learning. Each World of Eric Carle toy is designed not only to amuse and delight, but to inspire playful discovery and learning that's fun. What better way to nurture a very hungry young mind?

What's Inside?

Game Board, Spinner, 52 Cards, 4 Playing Pieces, Instructions

The World of Eric Carle ABC Game

How's It Played?

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