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Doodletop Twister Deluxe Kit


Doodletop Twister Deluxe Kit

Wind up your Doodletop in the spring-loaded Twister and it will spin at the push of the button. This kit includes 3 Doodletops, 1 Twister, 8 Interchangeable Pens, 10 Sheets of Design Paper, and a Design Tray that you move to control the direction of your Doodletop. You can also tap or nudge the Doodletop as it spins. Can you spin all 3 Doodletops at once? The Doodletop Twister Deluxe Kit will keep you spinning in fun for hours.

Ages 5 and up.

  • 3 Doodletops
  • 1 Twister
  • 8 Interchangeable Pens - red, green, blue, purple, yellow, orange, black, and brown
  • 10 Sheets of Design Paper
  • 1 Design Tray
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