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Don't Tip the Cows!

53755 Don't Tip the Cows with Components_SM

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Don't Tip the Cows!

The "Udderly Fun" Stacking Game

Create a tower of cows by stacking the blocks - just don't be the player who knocks it all down! Includes 18 unusual blocks shaped like cows, stored in a handy, travel-ready cylinder

The best part of playing "Don't Tip the Cows" is discovering the different ways these wacky cows can stack on top of each other. This is truly an "Udderly Fun" stacking game that can be played anywhere the "cows are a' grazin"!


  • 18 "udderly" adorable plastic stacking cows

    • 9 cows named "Chuck" on black plastic base

    • 9 cows named "Bessie" on white plastic base

Players: 2 to 3

Ages: 5 and up

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