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I SPY Dig In

Dig In
Dig In 2
Dig In 3
Dig In 4
Dig In 5
Dig In 6


  • 128 I SPY Objects

  • I SPY Dig In Bowl

  • 12 Double-Sided I SPY Dig In Cards

  • Sand Timer

  • Instructions

I SPY Dig In

The Great Game of Frantic Finding

Are you ready to play? Then dive right in and dig away. Race the clock, it’s not so hard! Dig out 6 objects, place on your card. When each player has gone ALL IN, match one more for the win! I SPY Dig In is the great game of frantic finding! Kids practice literacy, coordination, and social skills as they race to match the images on their cards with objects from the bowl.

Players: 2 to 4

Ages: 5 and up

Game Rules​

Play 'n Learn: Level 3
  • Literacy - Introduces vocabulary with words and pictures
  • Coordination - Use fine-motor skills to find objects
  • Social Skills - Cooperate with each other and follow rules

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