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Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood Grr-ific Game



  • 5 Character Playing Pieces

  • Game Board

  • 4 Trolley Cards

  • 30 Imagination Moment Cards

  • 20 How Do You Feel? Cards

  • Spinner

  • 20 Tokens

  • Instructions

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

Grr-ific Game

In the animated preschool series on PBS, Daniel Tiger and his friends O the Owl, Katarina Kittycat, Prince Wednesday, and Miss Elaina go on fun adventures through the Neighborhood of Make-Believe.

In this game, players get a chance to become their favorite characters from the show, learning about emotions and using their imaginations to act out scenes from the show.

  • Focus on kindergarten readiness with a strong emphasis on social skills and imagination

Players: 2 to 4

Ages: 3 and up

Game Rules

Play 'n Learn: Level 2

  • Social Skills: Children take turns and work together to finish the game.

  • Imagination: Children act out scenes and emotions.

  • Mathematics: Children practice counting.

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