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Congratulations! You have solved the case and found the real criminal. Justice has been served! Below you can see all the details of this case.

Fire Victim

Joseph Bremer, age unknown, businessman, owner of a company, father of three children, has a wife and a lover.

The Main Suspect

Carl Notebeck, 30 years old, freelance journalist who provides reports to various agencies and newspapers. He drove past the Bremer’s house when it was burning. He took a few pictures without calling the fire department and drove away. Sometime before that, he was involved in an ugly affair that became known throughout Germany. He staged the escape of monkeys from a zoo in order to record a video and sell it to the media. For this reason, he is considered as the prime suspect. Currently he is on the run.

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Alma Preuss, 26 years old. Joseph’s lover. Joseph promised Alma he’d divorce his wife, but never did. Prior to the fire, the two had a heated argument.


Frida Bremer, 34 years old. Joseph’s wife. The day before the fire she learned that her husband was having an affair. Because of this they had a fight and she went to her mother’s taking their child with her.


Heinrich Katz, 45 years old. Joseph’s driver, who conscientiously worked for his boss for more than 20 years. He is an exemplary family man and a father of several children. Joseph let him go unexpectedly, without paying him compensation, and basically threw him to the curb for no apparent reason.


Lukas Bremer, 26 years old. Joseph’s son from his first marriage. A troublemaker who was in constant conflict with his father because he could not forgive him for leaving the family. Recently, his father deprived him of his monthly allowance due to problems at his vocational college.


Brothers Fischer. Lenz, 42 years old, and Ears, 35 years old. Well-known bandits. Joseph lost a large sum of money from gambling and did not pay the brothers back. The two brothers put a lot of pressure on him to pay them back.


Walter Sivers, 62 years old. Bremer’s neighbor. A belligerent old man. Has a long-standing conflict with Joseph regarding the garage, which the businessman had allegedly built “in the wrong place” so that the apple trees on his property did not get enough sunlight and therefore bore no more fruit.

Time of the Fire

In the photo, in the background behind Joseph Bremer, one can see the stove and the clock. The same clock, but already burned, can be seen on another photo from the police report.


The clock shows 11:50 p.m. According to the police records, the fire started at the kitchen stove, and the clock hung over the stove. Therefore, it could be concluded that the fire started on May 30, 2017 at 11:50 p.m. or a few minutes before. This time difference is negligible.

time of the fire.png


Carl Notebeck (Journalist)

According to Carl’s GPS navigation device, Carl’s car left the track to the preset destination and turned off onto the street where the fire was burning. After that, his car continued the journey to the original destination.

It is obvious that Carl should have been at some other place at 00:04. You could tell that Karl drove past the burning house, saw the smoke, turned off and took a couple of pictures. Then he continued his journey.

Result: Carl could not have committed arson and is therefore innocent.


Lukas Bremer (son)

The map with the route shows the AdlersKing Club. Joseph’s burned house is located near the club (the address matches the one from the fire department report). Between the club and the house, you can see a track that suggests that this route can be reached in about 6 minutes by car.

On the matchbox you find the address of the Facebook page of Lukas, as well as the logo of the AdlersKing Club. If you’ve found Lukas’s Facebook profile, you could see that he posted the pictures in the club, which were published on May 30, 2017 between 11:30 and 11:50 pm.

So, one may conclude that Lukas was at or near the AdlersKing Club when the fire began.

However, this Facebook post with the photos is not a solid alibi. In fact, the photo could have been taken earlier and published on Facebook later. Facebook shows the timestamp of the publication. It could have been quite possible to deliberately publish the pictures taken earlier at the time of the arson.


In the Facebook photos you can see two more people, Mark Neumann and Micha Frank. On their personal Facebook pages you can find selfies, which were recorded at 11:40pm and 12:00am and in which Lukas can be seen as well.


Result: At the time of the arson, several people in the club had taken selfies and Lukas can be seen in these photos. A rock-solid alibi.

Walter Sivers (neighbor)

The documents contain a page from the medical treatment card, in which an injection was prescribed. According to the treatment plan, it could be seen that Walter Sivers was given a strong tranquilizer on May 30 at exactly 23:00. He must have fallen asleep after that.

Result: The neighbor also has an alibi at the time of the fire.

injection schedule.png

The Fischer Brothers

The article in the newspaper describes the arrest of several fans of the Adlerstein Soccer Fan Club after the riots on May 24. The article contains the initials of both brothers. All arrested fans were sentenced to 15 days of incarceration.

There are the names of Fisher brothers in the list of the club membership fees, which indicates that they were indeed fans of the soccer club.

Result: At the time of the incident, the brothers were in prison and could not have committed arson.


Alma Preuss (girlfriend)

In the documents you will find the flight tickets for a trip to Mallorca issued for Joseph Bremer and Alma Preuss, which were purchased on May 23, 2017, as well as the reimbursement receipt for one of the tickets. Alma wanted to surprise Joseph and bought two tickets, but he refused to fly with her, which led to a heated argument. This is also evident from the Overview of Call Details. Alma gave Joseph the ticket back and flew to Mallorca alone.

However, Alma had a motive – jealousy, which can be seen in her Overview of Call Details. According to her plane ticket back to Germany, she would have been back in the city during the fire.

Although, according to a newspaper article, you can see that on May 30th, a concert given by the rock band “Lightning Gun” in Barcelona was canceled. The reason for this was that a hurricane that led to the cancellation of all flights from Palma de Mallorca airport back to the mainland starting on the afternoon of May 29th until June 1st.

Result: Alma could not leave the island because of the storm and the flight cancellation and therefore did not commit the arson.


Heinrich Katz (driver) and Frida Bremer (wife)

The video surveillance camera at the gas station shows a car and a man pouring gas into a gas cam. The data from the police database indicate that the license plate belongs to the car whose driver is shown in the photo. The photo of the gas station shows Heinrich Katz.

From the diary of Bruna (Frida Bremer’s daughter) it is clear that Frida drove to a meeting May 30th. At the same time, she wanted to pick up a Harry Potter book. However, she did not return until the morning of May 31st.


In the photo of the hotel video surveillance you can see Heinrich Katz and a woman in exactly the same clothes as in the picture that Mitzi drew. Furthermore, you will find the wrong signatures with fictitious names (the characters from the Harry Potter book, which Frida was supposed to pick up), which indirectly indicates that this woman could have been Frida Bremer.


Now it is obvious why Bremer had fired his driver Heinrich Katz without giving him an explanation or severance pay.

Result: Heinrich and Frida have an alibi.

Joseph Bremer (fire victim)

When decrypting the Call Details, you can decipher the Bremer’s 24th of May wedding day, which was used as a password to his personal information (2405). The insurance documents clearly indicate that Bremer was insured against fire and could claim the insurance benefits in such case.


His medical reports indicate that he was suffering from an iron deficiency anemia. He did not know that, as the analysis result did not arrive until after his death. An anemia patient can lose consciousness, as the result of insufficient oxygen concentration in the air.

All this indicates that Joseph, being sensitive to the oxygen concentration, fainted during the fire, remained unconscious and died.

All the characters of this story had different motives for this crime, but only Joseph had no alibi and apparently tried to set his own house on fire to claim the insurance money so he could pay his debts. But he underestimated the severity of his illness, lost conscious and subsequently died in the fire.

So, the fire victim is also the arson criminal.

This case is closed.