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20 Questions for Kids



  • Game Board

  • Playing Pieces

  • 20 Questions Chips

  • Free Guess Chips

  • 126 Cards with over 2500 clues

  • Complete instructions

20 Questions for Kids

A Classic Game of People, Places and Things - For Kids!

Now younger players can enjoy the classic challenge of 20 Questions, the game of people, places and things. During each round, one player is the clue giver and the other players try to uncover the secret identity. Each clue that's read reveals more hits. The trick is to guess the identity in the fewest number of clues. The fewer clues you need, the farther you advance!

  • A great game with more than 2,500 clues

  • Winner, National Parenting Publications Honor Award

Players: 2 to 4

Ages: 7 and up

Game Rules

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