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Flora Strand

Flora Strand certainly seems a little unbalanced, but would she stoop to murder? A magazine article from the ‘90s suggests that she would fly off the handle if crossed, which she admits herself. Sven’s replacement of female characters into male-identifying personalities, alongside the fact that he has barred from her set might indeed motivate her for revenge. Flora has access to Sven, as indicated by the fact that she’s sneaking onto set disguised as a member of the cleaning staff. This would give her access to his dressing room, where she could wait to commit the murder. While she knows how to use a syringe as a diabetic, Flora did not murder Sven. At the time of the murder, she was driving away from the studio as evidenced by the second “shot” Felix R. Heimer heard outside the stunts studio. (This was her car backfiring.)Her submission of a screenplay to Sven also suggests that she may hold hope for future collaboration, despite his disrespectful ways.

Not Guilty

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