Juego de Shopping Mall

0467_Juego de Shopping Mall

Juego de Shopping Mall

The fun of shopping in a board game!

Be the first to finish your shopping and get the best deals! The key to winning is a combination of skill and luck. Within this mall, your mission is to purchase everything you need to look like a princess. But it won’t be that easy, since you must know how to avoid the mall’s temptations and inconveniences! This mall has all the standard banks, beauty shops, food court, and other services a mall should have. 


Get ready to show off your excellent taste in clothing – and your ability to get the look you want at bargain prices! 


  • Game Board

  • 4 Character Guide Cards

  • 24 Shopping Bag Cards

  • 30 Event Cards

  • 7 Plastic Frames

  • 4 Dice

  • 1 Sheet of Labels

  • Instructions written in both English and Spanish

Players: 2 to 4

Ages: 7 and up