Where in the World Is Jefferson Sancarlos

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Where in the World Is Jefferson Sancarlos

Catch Sancarlos and his Henchmen!


There’s a new thief on the planet: Jefferson Sancarlos. He and his gang of B.I.L.E. (Boys and girls involved in Lewd Enterprises) Henchmen are stealing every romantic and symbolic landmark, building, and natural resource they can grab. The only way to stop Sancarlos and his crew is to get the Chef and the ACNE detectives on the case to cook up a plan to catch them. Join the ACNE detectives and start returning the stolen loot by catching Sancarlos and his Henchmen. To win, be the detective to retrieve the most valuable stolen treasures!


This game is not related to any other thieves who travel the world and is designed as a parody.


  • 40 Location Cards

  • 6 ACNE Detective Cards

  • 8 B.I.L.E. Henchmen Cards

  • 50 Evidence Cards

  • Complete Instructions

Players: 2 to 6

Ages: 14 and up