Skittle Pool
Skittle Pool

Skittle Pool

Pendulum-Powered Billiards


8 and Up


1 to 4

AIM the cue ball with the swivel pointer, SWING the ball & chain pendulum, ENJOY real pool action! The classic 1970s table top billiards game now made the Front Porch Classics way – with high quality wood and felt! Skittle Pool, with real pool action, is a great addition to any game room. Table measures 24” x 24” x 4”.

What's Inside?

Classic Skittle Pool Table, Two Ball & Chain Pendulums, 10 Billiard Balls with Rack, Two Swivel Cue Ball Pointers, 1 Cue Ball, Instructions for 8 ball, solids & stripes, and more

Skittle Pool

How's It Played?

Printable Instructions