The Scholastic Brainiac Game


  • 1 Giant SMART Spinner

  • 224 Question Cards with 1,334 questions and answers

  • 4 Brain Boards for scoring

  • 50 Scoring chips

  • 20 S-M-A-R-T tokens

  • Instructions

Players: 2 to 4

Ages: 6 and up

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The Scholastic Brainiac Game

Fill Your Brain!


In The Scholastic Brainiac Game, players spin the SMART Spinner, then compete to answer questions in five subject areas: Science, Math, Arts, Reading, and The World. Each Question Card has six different questions tailored to grades 1 to 6, so that players answer questions corresponding to their grade levels. The first player to fill his or her brain with SMART Tokens wins!


University Games is proud to be partnering with Scholastic Inc. for their first line of proprietary games. Challenges from their workbooks come to life in fun and engaging game play!


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