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  • Large Wooden Shut-the-Box Game Board

  • 4 Pairs of Dice

  • Comprehensive Instructions

Players: 1 to 4

Ages: 8 and up

Game Rules

Shut the Box 4-Way Play

Roll - Flip - Win

  • Roll the Dice

  • Flip the Numbers

  • Do It Fast

  • Win the Game!

The classic solitaire game is now built for 4 players! Shut-the Box is a traditional English pub game of dice and numbers. Roll the dice and flip down the matching numbered tiles. Players can challenge each other for the lowest score. Flip down all the tiles and you've Shut-the-Box!

With 4-Way Play, everyone rolls their dice at the same time, flipping down the matching tiles. When no one can flip any more numbers, the person with the lowest score (least not flipped) wins the game!


This solid wood Front Porch Classics game is built to last a lifetime and is a beautiful addition to any game room or coffee table. 


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