Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?TM
Jr. Detective Edition
Game Instructions

To form a complete Wanted Poster (4 pieces) of Carmen Sandiego.
· World Map Game Board
· 32 World Map Pieces
· 32 Location Cards
· 1 Stretch and Carmine "Bonus Card"
· 4 Carmen Sandiego Wanted Posters (4 sections each)
· 4 Playing Pieces
· 1 Die
· Self-adhesive Game Board Borders
· Complete Instructions
Setting Up The Board
1. Before playing for the first time, players put the self-adhesive border on the edges of the game board. Do not cover the game board label with the borders.
2. Players separate the World Map Pieces and place them face up on the board. The board has an outline of the pieces printed on it as a guide.
3. Players choose a Playing Piece and pick up all four sections of the Carmen Sandiego Wanted Poster with the same background color as their pawn.
4. Remove the Stretch and Carmine Card from the deck of Location Cards, and shuffle the deck.
5. Each player picks four cards from the deck and does not let the other players see the cards. The youngest player picks first.
6. While Player 1 hides his eyes, Player 2 sticks all 4 sections of Player 1's Wanted Poster to the back side of the World Map Pieces that match Player 2's location cards. (For instance, if a player has the North America Location Card, he places one of Player 1's Wanted Poster sections on the back of the North America World Map Piece.) Player 2 returns the World Map Pieces to the board after hiding the Wanted Poster sections. Each player takes turns hiding his eyes and having another player hide his Wanted Poster Sections.
7. Players return their four Location Cards to the deck after placing the four sections of the Wanted Poster under the map.
8. Place the Stretch and Carmine Bonus Card back in the deck and shuffle the deck. Place the deck on the table face down.
To Play
1. Each player picks one Location Card from the top of the deck.
2. Players place their pawns on their home country.
3. The youngest player goes first by rolling the die. Play continues clockwise.
Players move by rolling the die.
If a player roles a 1, 2, or 3: The player moves his playing piece directly to the World Map Piece shown on the Location Card.
If a player roles a 4, 5, or 6: The player moves to any World Map Piece he chooses.
Completing Carmen Sandiego Wanted Posters
The background color of the Wanted Poster each player is trying to collect matches the color of that player's pawn. When a player lands on a World Map Piece, the player picks up the World Map Piece and looks at the bottom without showing it to the other players. The player will either:
Find a section of his own Wanted Poster:
The player removes the section from the back of the World Map
Piece and removes the World Map Piece from the board.
Find a section of another player's Wanted Poster:
The player says, "I found Carmen," and returns the World Map
Piece to the board.
Find no Wanted Poster sections:
The player says, "I found no clues," and returns the World Map
Piece to the board.
Once a player looks under a World Map Piece, that player's turn is over. A player may not look under more than one World Map Piece per turn.
The Stretch and Carmine "Bonus Card"
If a player picks the Stretch and Carmine "Bonus Card" from the deck, that player can move anywhere on the board, without rolling the die.
Winning the Game
The first player to collect all four sections of the Wanted Poster wins the game. After playing, return all the sections of the Wanted Posters to the vinyl sheet that holds them.
Rules for Older Gumshoes

For older gumshoes looking for a more challenging game, substitute the following rules:
To form a complete Carmen Sandiego Wanted Poster and collect four Location Cards face up.
Players roll the die to move. A player can move less than the number of spaces rolled on the die, but cannot move more spaces than the number rolled.
A player is on the Pacific Ocean World Map Piece and is
holding a Location Card for the Arctic Ocean. If the player
rolls a two on the die, the player could:
1. Move two spaces to the Arctic Ocean, look for a Wanted Poster section under the Arctic Ocean World Map Piece (see "How to Complete a Carmen Sandiego Wanted Poster," below) and collect the Arctic Ocean card (place it face up on the table).
2. The player could stop short of the Arctic Ocean, on the Alaska
World Map Piece, and look under the World Map Piece for
Alaska to see if any sections of her Wanted Poster are there.
Removing Map Pieces from the Board
When a player finds one of his Wanted Poster Sections under a World Map Piece, the player removes that World Map Pieces from the board. In cases where this will leave other World Map Pieces unreachable, the player must only remove the Wanted Poster Section and place the World Map Piece back on the board.
How to Collect Face-up Location Cards
In order to collect a face-up Location Card, a player must reach the location that matches the Location Card drawn from the deck. Once a player has reached that location, the player keeps that Location Card face up in front of himself/herself on the table. The player then picks up another Location Card from the top of the deck. If a player picks a Location Card which corresponds to a World Map Piece already removed from the board, then that card is put aside and another is picked. Once a player has four Location Cards face up, he continues to pick Location Cards, but puts them at the bottom of the deck once the location is reached (rather than face up on the table).
Winning the Game
The first player to form a complete Carmen Sandiego Wanted Poster and collect four face-up location cards wins the game.

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