My First Brain Quest TM Preschool

Fruit Dominoes




To play all picture cards in your hand.




Set Up

Mix the picture cards and place them face down on the table.  Hand out the picture cards.

Spread the remaining picture cards face down on the table.


Playing the Game

1.      The youngest players goes first by placing one of his/her picture cards face up in the center of the table.  Play passes to the left.

2.      If the next player has a picture card with a matching picture, he/she places that card so that it touches that matching picture.  Players may place the matching picture card in one of three positions; on either the picture card just played or at an open end of another card.  This player’s turn is over.

3.      If the player does not have a picture card the matches, he/she takes one card that is face down.

a.       If a matching card is picked up, the player must play this card on one of the matching sides.

b.      If a non-matching card is picked up, the player must keep the card and his/her turn ends.

4.      Play continues until a player places all his/her cards on the table, or until no more matches can be made.


Winning the Game

The first player to place all his/her picture cars, or the player who has the fewest picture cards in his/her hand, wins the game.




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